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MakerBay Foundation X YWCA ITBB & ITTM 造你所想Faire 24 February 2019

MakerBay X YWCA ITBB & ITTM 造你所想Faire

On February, Our partner in the Jockey Club Youth Create Series - Young Women's Christian Association (YWCA) Butterfly Bay (ITBB) & Yao Oi Estate (ITTM) hosted an event in Tuen Mun Tin Hau Temple Plaza. Along with MakerBay and YWCA, our partner at The Boys' and Girls' Clubs Association of Hong Kong (BGCA) also Join the faire to engage with local communities in Tuen Mun district. This time, The MakerBay Foundation team co-create with ITBB and ITTM with multiple projects and here are two of the many projects we would like to share with you!

This faire was planned two to three month before February. The idea was to engage the local community, promote maker attitude and empower youth. Apart from MakerBay and BGCA local primary, secondary schools and other technical partners will also participate in this faire with around 20-30 booth available to kids and parents.


the Preparation went way back all to way from December 2018, with Peter & Piko responsible for ITBB's maker booth. On the other hand, Kitty & Ken was responsible for ITTM's maker booth. To allow maximum creativity, we allow the youth a whole lesson of idea generation and used many many post-its

In the end, ITTM settled with the idea of a big wooden seesaw and ITBB wanted to make a toy bus that kids could drive around.


As each group only have 4 two-hour sessions with MakerBay Foundation staffs, time is extremely short. Thankfully, the youth workers and youth were kin on finishing their work on time. The idea of "first-time woodworker" tackling these kinds of project was beyond our imagination, but everyone stuck with it and did their parts magnificently!

Catch-Up Work 

As the deadline is approaching ever closer, it became clear we will not be finishing the big toys on time. Youth workers and youths from YWCA decided to work extra hours. The maker space was opened to them almost every day of the week. By the time we went in for the final lesson, they are left with the final touches.


 Although both centres used a lot of extra time to finish their pieces. We all managed to get our work on site just before the event starts. The event was a huge success thanks to all amazing youth putt in their effort into their projects. The dedicated social workers also provided a lot of support behind the scene to empower the youth in the process. Here are some photos of the event.


Their work was also shown in different YWCA functions and event. Here are some photos of the BUS, shown in a non-maker event shortly after February. 

Both youth centres came to the conclusion that the size of the woodwork is too big to be kept in the centres. Therefore, they are now planning to reach out to their housing estate to have their work displayed in the communal area and let kids and their parents play with the game. Hopefully, they can attract more people to get out of their house and learn more about the Tuen Mun Community. 

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