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Mini-Expedition: BGCA Bradbury

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BGCA Bradbury, Sai Kung

We were so excited to visit our partners at the BGCA Bradbury center in Sai Kung.

The center is located in a green paradise. 


To get to the center one must hike about 20 minutes from the main road past several valuable archeological sites - or swim across the channel!

What impressed us the most was the access to the sea. How beautiful. 

BGCA Bradbury, Sai KungBGCA Bradbury, Sai KungBGCA Bradbury, Sai Kung

The dormitories are arranged in a "little village" fashion. Each house is a dorm. 

BGCA Bradbury, Sai Kung

There is a big common room for activities. Climbing walls, archery, so many fun things to do! There is 20 staff working in the center, out of which 7 are only working with the youths on the educational programs. 

BGCA Bradbury, Sai Kung

BGCA Bradbury, Sai Kung

The dormitories' interior are simple and clean.

BGCA Bradbury, Sai Kung

It is unusual to have so much space to play and create in Hong Kong. Because it is isolated, the nights are dark enough to stargaze very well. 

 BGCA Bradbury, Sai Kung

The panel above has pictures of thousand of young Hong Kongers having outdoor fun.BGCA Bradbury, Sai Kung

The big kitchen can feed a small army!

BGCA Bradbury, Sai Kung

The Centre has its own dragon boats and canoes/kayak club!

BGCA Bradbury, Sai KungThe sea is right there, 3 minutes down the slope from the main building compound.  

BGCA Bradbury, Sai Kung

Check out this video with the dragon boats! 

Of course, we did not come only as visitors!

BGCA Bradbury, Sai Kung

We were there to work on collaborating with BGCA Bradbury :) This is a photos from our brainstorming session. More soon!


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