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Textile x Bio x Digital Fab Study Group: Biofabricating Materials

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In the first week of the Textile x Bio x Digital Fab Study Group, we started experimenting with different biofabricating materials that can be used in the textile industry. We conducted 4 experiments: the Kombucha leather, Salmon fish skin leather, coffee ground leather and gelatin-based bioplastic.

You can find the recipes we used in the DIYBIO Hong Kong wiki page. as well as the learning material prepared by Cesar and Maria from MakerBay.

If you are interested to join us in making biomaterials, join the meetup every Thursday from 7PM to 9PM at MakerBay Tsuen Wan.

Brewing Black tea for Kombucha making.


Preparing to filer tea leaves.

Next, pouring tea into the jar.

Last step, let the tea cool down to room temperature and adding the scuby.

Ingredients of coffee bioleather making.

Cast the mixed sample on a piece of acrylic and let it dry for 1 week.

PFish skin can also turn into a leather like material. Let's see how it goes.

Last but not least, making a few gelatin based bioplastics.

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