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Youths making Turban Headbands for Elderly!

community Headbands sewing Textile Turban youth youth center

Written by Kitty Lee

We want to share this simple sewing project worked with the youths in BGCA Sham Tseng before. They used to make stuffs for themselves, but this time they are making something for someone in the community, the elderly.

After brainstorming, they suggested to make turban headband.

Here are the feedback from the elderly 😂
:一把年紀啦仲戴咩頭巾啊?! (OMG, I am not young pretty girl. Leave this to young girls.)
:哇! 藍色戴係頭到, 撞鬼咩? 咁唔老禮... (Touch wood! I am not gonna wear a blue headband, it brings bad luck!)


After they got the feedback, what will the youths make for them next time?


If you want to make turban headband too, please check out our instructables, I will teach you step by step here:


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