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Bloom are a Hong Kong based collective of installation artists, architects and electronics specialists. They engage in installations that promote and test a synergy of the viewers presence within the art piece and their wider surroundings and city scape. In 2016, the collective were commissioned to design and create the interactive theatre environment, ‘Crossroads’ for that years Hong Kong TedX event. The environment centred around a large 3 storey tall hanging parabola which collected interactions and information from the surrounding audience and reacted in response to occupancy. Earlier last year they choreographed the dance and experimental installation ‘itinerant vistas’ working with Hong Kong based specialist bamboo contractors. In 2017, following a series of smaller art works within Hong Kong, PMQ and renowned curator Shin Wong, commissioned the group to create a centre piece for the annual arts showcase, DeTour. Under the theme of ‘Harmonious Chaos’, Bloom created ‘合| hé | confluence’ the 14m high interactive walkway. The gateway like installation reacted to and stored the memory of the multiple visitors to the show, overlaying the movements of the multiple inhabitants and engaging people within a confluence of dialogues throughout the day. Bloom continue to draw from fields of art, architecture, science, and human behaviours. They are interested in spatial experiences, time based movements and materials. “We strive to create the imperceptible through the distillation of core concepts”. Bloom.



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