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Mini-Drone | #Drone #Electronics

Build your own Mini-Drone! 

It’s fun to fly a drone, it’s even more enjoyable to fly a drone built by yourself! This workshop is open to all aged 8 years or above, parents are welcome to join to enjoy a family day together.

Building your own mini-drone is the best way to understand the mechanics behind the machine and allows your kids to master the skills of flying before investing in a more expensive one. Please note that you will need an android phone or tablet to operate the drone.


感受自己製作的無人機在空中上飛行! 2017年2月4日,我們在油塘有一個小型無人機製作工作坊工作坊合適8歲以上的朋友,當然我們歡迎父母一同加入,享受美好家庭的時光。建立小型無人機是了解機械原理的最佳途徑,讓您的孩子掌握飛行技巧。參加者需要自備 androids 平板電腦或手機作無人機的遙控。

Participants will learn the following at this workshop:

  • Basic components of a mini-drone
  • Putting together all the parts
  • Flashing the Microcontroller (MCU) with an open source flight controller software
  • Setting the basic parameters/tuning of the flight controller
  • Connecting to the mini-drone via android app
  • Basic safety checklist 

Specifications of Mini Drone:

  • STM32 based Flight Controller MCU with MPU6050 (Accelerometer/Gyro) and HMC5883L (Magnetometer/Compass)
  • HC-05 (Arduino Bluetooth module)
  • 4x 7mm brushed motors
  • 2x Clockwise propellers
  • 2x Counter clockwise propellers
  • 1x 3.7v 380mAh Lithium Polymer battery
  • 1x USB battery charger cable 
*Please note that the mini-drone is controlled by an Android app, participants need to bring their own Android smartphone or tablet to the workshop

Workshop Details

  • Location: MakerBay Yau Tong 
  • Age Limit: 8-year-old or above
  • Language: English, supplemented with Cantonese
  • Duration: Approximately 3 hours
  • Max number of participating family: 6

*Fee include 1 drone per family. Participants can take the drone home at the end of the class!

Taught by Ken Chew

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