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[MakerBay Yau Tong] Radio-Controlled Car Workshop - Families

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Most of us have played with radio controlled toys, but driving a car you’ve constructed yourself is a far more thrilling and satisfying experience, and gives access to the hobby of driving or racing high-performance cars.

This workshop is intended as an introduction to car building for older children (11 yrs+) and adults. On the course you will build your own radio controlled model car from a kit of parts.

Why build from a kit rather than buy a ready-made model?

  • When a ready-made car breaks it often becomes useless, but when a kit car breaks you can replace parts, giving better long-term value for money.
  • You understand how the car works so you will know how to adjust it for better performance and maintain it in better condition.
  • You learn a lot of transferable skills from the building project.
  • You will have more pride in your car and attachment to it.

In this workshop, participants will:

  • Learn about different car parts including power source, transmission system, suspension system, steering system and radio control system
  • Develop basic making skills with hand tools
  • Work with others and build their own radio controlled cars

Radio Controlled Car Kit includes:

  • Tamiya Neo Fighter or Racing Fighter buggy kit
  • NiMH battery for the car
  • Radio-control set
  • Steering servo
  • Set of Tamiya screwdrivers
  • Can of spray paint (limited choice of colours)

All other equipment required for construction will be provided during the course. The only additional things you will need to purchase to continue using your car after the workshop is a battery charger and any replacements for worn out parts.

The two cars selected for this project are the same except for the body styling. They are entry-level 1:10 scale high-performance racing cars. With 2-wheel drive and friction dampers rather than oil dampers, they are designed to be comparatively easy to build. Their large wheels, low centre-of-gravity and suspension makes them ideal for learning to drive in parks or on local patches of ground when a purpose-made racing circuit isn’t available.

If you become interested in competitive racing you may be interested to know there is a junior race category for this model of car at the Tamiya Asia Cup racing competition. See for details. 


    Class Details:

    Location: MakerBay Yau Tong and portions of day 2 will be in the field for test driving
    Language: English
    Age range: 11+



    No prior knowledge required


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