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Be a citizen scientist!

We are living in an ocean of data. Water data, air quality data, health data, biodiversity data... You influence the environment, and produce data. Without you, this ocean does not exist. But do you notice it? Can you navigate it? Dreamers, makers, citizens scientists, let’s explore the Sea of Data!
Join our family-friendly exhibition to learn more, and register our workshops to be citizen scientist!
今天的空氣怎麼樣? 我現在飲用的水乾淨嗎? 香港究竟有多少野生物種? 這些問題都與我們的日常生活和健康密切相關。 要找出答案不是什麼艱難的火箭科技 - 這些都是數據!但應從何入手? 8月17至20日,工匠灣於中環元創坊舉辦香港第一個人人科研節去慶祝創新和公民意識。精彩內容包括公民科學項目展覽,一系列動手工作坊,嘉賓分享以及互動科學體驗。 這4天的活動讓您透過動手做去了解我們如何在日常生活中為科學做出貢獻,這比您想像容易!

17 - 20 August 2017

Opening Hour:
17-18 August | 17:00-21:00
19 August | 12:00-21:00
20 August | 12:00-19:00

Marketplace and Courtyard, PMQ, No. 35 Aberdeen Street, Central

For whom:
all ages
And it's FREE!


Our free community event features hands-on workshops, presentations, interactive experiences, and an exhibition of citizen science projects.

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Android Ocean Drifter
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Radiation Mapping
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Air Qaulity Sensor
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Barcode of Life
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You are citizen scientists!

Why is Citizen Science important?

Citizen science is about:

  • Open data - the data gathered by citizen become a strong supporting force for innovation, and environmental and social justice
  • Sharing and collaboration across disciplines to help speed up innovation
  • Citizen engagement - every single of us take ownership of protecting our environment and make discoveries


  • 開放數據 - 公民收集的數據能成為支持創新,環境和社會正義的強大力量
  • 共享和協作 - 跨學科的共享和協作,以加速創新
  • 公民參與 - 我們每個人都有責任保護我們的環境,分享新發現和促進創新

Join the “Sea of Data” Adventure

Sea of Air
Know your air! Air quality affect everyone's lives, you can also help monitor air quality and share the data online to help advocate the sustainable solutions for the future that our government can put into action today.

Sea of Water
Do you know where marine litter comes from? You can turn your old smartphone into a tracking device to simulate how litter enters the sea at the faire.

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