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Induction Classes

As a makerspace our goal is to have a positive social and environmental impact on society. To achieve that we need to make sure that our community members

  1. Safety: know how to use the tools safely to be creative.
  2. Mastery: are fluent in the technology and progress towards mastery
  3. Impact: use what you have learned for social or environmental impact. Document it on a public documentation platform like instructables or GitHub
  4. Share: Learn advanced skills to maintain the machine, become an instructor and mentor others.
1. Safety 2. Mastery 3. Impact 4. Share
Wood 1 Wood 2 Wood 3 Wood 4
Metal 1 Metal 2 Metal 3 Metal 4
Textile 1 Textile 2 Textile 3 Textile 4
Vectors and Lasers 1 Laser Cutting 2 Laser Cutting 3 Laser Cutting 4
3D Design, 3D Printing 1 3D Printing 1 3D Printing 3 3D Printing 4

Young Maker Series 小創客系列

The Young Maker Series is designed for children of age 9+ to learn various making skills through self-directed creative projects, design challenge and authentic learning experience related to social and environmental issues. The courses introduce maker skills such as woodworking, laser cutting, 3D printing and robotics as well as design thinking as a creative approach to problem solving. The Young Maker Series is structured in a way that children can take the initiative in their own learning.

Young Maker系列是為9歲以上的兒童設計的,通過自我指導的創意項目,設計挑戰和與社會和環境問題相關的真實學習經驗來學習各種製作技能。 課程介紹木工,激光切割,3D打印和機器人等製造技能以及設計思維作為解決問題的創意方法。 Young Maker系列的構成方式是讓孩子們主動學習。


Learning Goals

  • A mix of traditional and up-and-coming making skills (such as woodworking, 3D printing, robotics, and laser cutting)
  • Creative thinking and project-based learning
  • Increase awareness on environmental issues and sustainability
  • Designing and all-around skill application
  • Problem solving skills
  • Foster collaborative learning and share of knowledge

Beginner course: tinkerIntermediate: Creative Maker Advanced: ChangeMaker

Adult Maker

Electronic 1 Electronic 2 Electronic 3 Electronic 4
Coding 1 Coding 2 Coding 3 Coding 3
Robotics 1 Robotics 2 Robotics 3 Robotics 4

Special workshops

Drone 1 Drone 2 Drone 3 Drone 4
Bio Art 1 Bio Art 2 Bio Art 3 Bio Art 4