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MakerBay Electric Vehicle Lab

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Invent, build and drive the electric vehicle of the future


This October, Hong Kong will be hosting one of the most electrifying sporting events in the world, FIA’s Formula E Championship the world’s first fully-electric racing series.
MakerBay, the leading makerspace in Hong Kong, has been invited by Formula E Hong Kong ePrix to be its Education Partner to raise awareness about the importance of electric vehicles, especially on the energy efficiency and environmental aspects during the racing weekend in October.
We are building an electric vehicle at MakerBay over the summer to be displayed at the MakerBay booth in the Formula E eVillage.

What is the MakerBay EV Lab?
As a member of the Lab, you will take part in a small team of designers, engineers and build a concept electric car that is a vision for the electric vehicle of the future. During four intensive weeks, you will be involved in design thinking, industrial design, rapid prototyping, social R&D, mechanical, electric engineering, open hardware documentation and many fabrication techniques in a highly experimental workshop. The electric vehicle prototype will be documented online and displayed at the Formula E event to showcase the technology behind the vehicle and celebrate the collaborative effort of the participants. The electric vehicle will be based on the Open Source Vehicle (OSVehicle) technology - a revolutionary, modular and affordable vehicle.
The EV Lab will be lead by a team of innovative engineers and a team of diverse talents and backgrounds. Join us for this exciting summer project and invent the future of electric autonomous transportation together!
Videos : Formula E | OSVehicle | MakerBay


MakerBay EV Summer Program


Towards the ideal self-driving electric car
Autonomous vehicles are about to change how we commute, move our goods, services, energy, and everything. The day your vehicle will drive itself silently through traffic, what will you be doing? If you no longer have hands on the steering wheel and feet on the pedals, you could be anywhere in the car with the freedom to sleep, relax, eat, work, play and be immersed in a virtual reality beyond the boundary of the vehicle.

Open hardware optimized for software integration
The future of self-driving vehicles will be driven by the quality of the integration of hardware and software with a prodigiously intuitive and intelligent interface connecting machines and humans. For that, we will make hardware that is extremely simple and robust so it can connect seamlessly with advanced software.

Hard outside, soft inside
Our vehicle combines the industrial and the sensual, the hard and the soft, a sculptural marriage of opposites in an iconic timeless design. A cold multi-faceted shell hosting a warm protective cocoon. Performance and strength on the outside, pleasure and freedom on the inside is our vision of the future of mobility.


4 simple steps


Week One: Introduction & Barebones Structure [July 18 - 22]
Introduction to the specificities of electric cars, from the history to the vision of the future of transportation, from explosion engine to modern battery management systems. You will disassemble a vehicle together. We will dive into a 2-day hackathon to design the electric vehicle of the future around the themes of #creativity #safety #energy efficiency and #smart. Together we will finalise the design of our prototype with physical and 3D models.

Week Two: Body Work [July 25 - 29]
Working from a bare frame we will assemble the electric car parts and weld the body of our concept car in a “crystal-like structure.” We will then attach panels onto the metal frame structure and finish the car body.

Week Three: Interior Design and Dashboard [Aug 1 - 5]
We will design the interior of the car as a malleable environment, a space that is entirely flexible and reconfigurable with soft fabric and cushy padding.

Week Four: Sensors, Electronics & Documentation [Aug 8 - 12]
We will design the dashboard and software interfaces of our futuristic vehicle. Many surfaces inside and outside can become interactive displays. What will you do in an silent, electric self-driving car in 2030?

Note: This timeline will vary depending on the team’s design decisions and progress.


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Hardware Skills
Rapid prototyping
Mechanical engineering
Electrical engineering
Sensors & electronics
Battery management
Metalworking, Machining
Laser cutting
CNC milling
3D printing
Design & Engineering Skills
Automotive Design
3D Design & Engineering

Software Skills
Coding and API Development
21st Century Skills
Critical thinking
Design thinking
Hands-on creativity
Problem solving (individual and in team)
Project management
Adapting to new challenges


Formula E HK Track Circuit


  • MakerBay EV Lab: MakerBay, Yau Tong, Kowloon
  • Display of the final vehicle: Formula E eVillage in Central among other leading electric car companies on 8-9 October, 2016



We have a team of professional engineers and makers to lead the EV Lab. This will be a hands-on, fun, knowledge-based and collaborative experience for all participants.
As a team member, you will work with experts in mechanical design, battery management systems, and the chance to meet with some of the most innovative entrepreneurs. Don’t miss the chance to meet these world class innovators!

MakerBay is the Official Education Partner of Formula E Hong Kong ePrix

MakerBay EV Summer Program


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