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About MakerBay Foundation [minimal]

MakerBay Foundation established in 2017, is the charity arm of MakerBay Limited with the mission to promote maker education. It is a non-profit organization that grows and nurtures youth community by infusing maker mindset and skills to the next generation so they can innovate solutions to help resolve social issues and create positive impacts.

MakerBay基金會成立於2017年,是MakerBay 有限公司的慈善機構,致力於推動創客教育。我們相信透過培養孩子的創客思維及技能,能發展和培育一個由青年主導的創新社區,讓青年們能夠為社會問題提供創新解決方案,成為社會創新進步的一股新力量。


Youth Innovation Program


The 3 years youth development programme is funded by Hong Kong Jockey Club. This will involve supporting co-develop and co-manage the makerspace of six youth centres and the implementation of maker education programmes which youth can explore new technology, collaborate with others, unleash their diverse potential, dream and experiment and develop maker spirit for social good .