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I am John Doe

And I'm a Photographer

We want to protect these reefs. How about you ?

Our plan how you can join our Ocean Youth Program:

  1. Screenings and Hands-on Workshops from now to April 2020. Screening the Netflix original documentary "Chasing Coral". Short panel discussion with guest and audience. Link:
  2. Open Water PADI Certification. DIY and STEAM Training from April - May 2020 (weekends)
  3. Research & Development from June - August 2020 (Summer Camp)

Please fill the short questionnaire and join our future events:

We are also developing an ocean robot to map coral reefs and you can see here the past work:

        Coral riff mapping drone

        Our goal now is to develop the next generation of the ocean drone which is:

        • 10x more accurate GPS positioning offer accurate positioning Laser quadrat provide scaling and depth information
        • 50x faster Deploy quicker and cover larger area in a short time Highly repeatable using same mission waypoints
        • 200x cheaper Modular design , adaptable to variety or propulsion & frame material Combination of open source software/hardware & local natural materials
        • 10 x 50 x 200 = 100,000x better



        With the kind support of the Lane Crawford Joyce Group Foundation

        Coral fish image by ParoleMusica from Pixabay