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Sophia, the world’s first humanoid. Created by Hong Kong firm Hanson Robotics in 2015 with the goal to become a bot that looks and behaves almost human, without triggering fear. Since then she gained citizenship in Saudi Arabia and appeared on various television shows. 

Sophia’s creator, Dr. David Hanson, was a sculptor and material researcher in Disney’s Imagineering Lab. Hanson Robotics was founded 2013 by him in Hongkong and they developed several robots.


Robots are being designed to work as nurses, tutors, servants and companions. But despite their talents, every one of these robots looks ... well, like a robot. They're sometimes appealing in a cartoonish sort of way, but they're metallic, awkward, clunky.

Sophia acts human-like. Her facial expressions and carefully timed blinking are designed to mimic human behaviour and now the body should become capable too. We're also want to design the API as a tool which is easy to use and powerful. Program Sophia's API




We are searching for help by students in school or university level.

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