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MakerBay is 6500ft2 in the middle of Hong Kong (access). The workshop is about 1500ft2 equipped with a large tool set. The hot bench and fixed bench area (orange and yellow) offer 2000ft2 for anyone to join. The hot bench area can be designed for events up to 150 people.

Hot Bench, Fixed Bench and Studio


From left to right:

  • Hot Bench (50 desks). Wooden table on trestles. Every evening tables must be cleared. Ideal for freelancers, hobbyists, students, families.
  • Fixed Bench (20 desks). Strong and large wooden table in framing wood. It is your personal table that you on a monthly basis. You can store your tools under the table. Ideal for independent designers, engineers, scientists and artists. 
  • Studio (8 studios). Your private space, for your creative self, or startup team, the most flexible way to develop your activity in a stimulating environment. Sizes ranges from 75ft2 (recommended for 2 person), 100ft (recommended for 4 person). 
  • Large Studio. We are able to offer larger size studios upon requests. Large units are ideal for large design, architectural, engineering firms, established artists, gallery, or as an R&D or fabrication facility. Immediate access to the street with large door and loading platform.
  • All memberships include access to workshop, public spaces and amenities below.[/section]



 Wood Shop, Metal Shop, Electronics, 3D printer, Laser cutting, CNC milling machine, Textile, Photography, Chemistry, Biology, Optics, MakerBay has a lot of equipment to turn your dreams into reality. You can learn to use these tools, use them for your creative work as ask us to make things for you. List of Tools here.

Public Spaces

Event Area


 At MakerBay you can host large events and conferences with up to 150 guests. You can also organise your workshop, team building events and art shows and musical performances. The space is fully equipped with audio and 1100W sound system and flexible settings suitable for all types of events. For large public events, please download the floorplan and email us at for rates (we offer discounted rate for non-profit events). 

Meeting room /  Book & Material Library / Photography room


 Our meeting room can accommodate 15 people, equipped with drawing boards, large screen and good sound system. Our shelves have art, design, engineering and science books on one side. On the other side you will find material samples with suppliers details. The meeting room can be turned into a private photo studio.

Shop, Cafe, Kitchen


  • Shop: MakerBay has a small shop where Maker can buy essential tools and materials, access fabrication services of our partners Seeed Studio. 
  • Cafe: creative ideas come in the most unexpected ways, often when you are relaxing, or chatting with someone in a relaxed environment. Sam goes for business, many deals happen over coffee. 
  • Kitchen: MakerBay has a nice little kitchen for our events and members to use for everyday use or cooking classes.


  • Storage Area. 36 boxes (50x32x22cm internal size)
  • Mailboxes services
  • Gender neutral washrooms
  • Showers
  • Diaper changing area


“The creative is the place where no one else has ever been. You have to leave the city of your comfort and go into the wilderness of your intuition. What you’ll discover will be wonderful. What you’ll discover is yourself."

— Alan Alda