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Sponsors & Supporters

Sponsors & Partners

Largest open hardware manufacturer in China, find Seeed Studio high quality electronics in MakerBay shop. You have an electronic design that you want to manufacture in small or large quantity? Order via MakerBay fast track Fusion services. Link

SparkRaise empowers individuals everywhere to band together and bring ideas to life. It is an inclusive social crowdfunding site where people who share creative, entrepreneurial and philanthropic interests can spark ideas, funds and connections. Sparkraise provides MakerBay members advice for their crowdFunding campaigns.

The Hong Kong Harbour School is a model for providing 21st century education for typical, advanced and gifted children while also providing support to students with areas of weakness. THS adopts a customized approach that recognizes children as complex individuals with differing needs, goals, personalities, and backgrounds. MakerBay hosts some Science & Technology and Invention classes.Link

APAC is a Supply Chain Management company that specialise inODM/OEM product development and production in China with over 15 years of experience.  Our hardware startups can use their experience for Social & Environmental good.  Link

The TED Fellows program is a global network of 300 innovators and trailblazers from a spectrum of disciplines. MakerBay welcomes the Fellows. Link
Hogan Lovells is one of the largest full-service international law firms based in Hong Kong, providing our global clients with integrated legal advice on all aspects of doing business in the Asia-Pacific region. Hogan Lovells works with MakerBay as a social enterprise on a pro-bono basis. Link
Since 1986, Videotage is a leading non-profit organization in Hong Kong focusing on the presentation, promotion, production and preservation of video and media art, serving artists in the expanding technological art and culture network. Videotage lends equipment to MakerBay and they partner to support Videotage Artist in Residence Program. Link
MakerBay paints comes from 513 Paint shop because they sell a large range of high quality eco paints that are VOC and toxic free. Link
The Good Lab is Hong Kong's first Social Innovation hub, a community of changemakers by providing apacity building courses and experimentation opportunities for the development of innovative ideas.Link

W Hub is an online platform where startups make meaningful connections to develop their business. W Hub's mission is to support the startup community with 3 pillars:
- Community discovery
- Jobs and talent
- Investor connections



Ocean robotics, sensor technologies, expeditions. Known for the development of Protei, the Open Hardware Shape-Shifting Sailing Robot. Link



Synergy Social Ventures enables social entrepreneurs and philanthropists to create the positive social change they want to see in the world. SSV works with the next generation of leadership who is united in its purpose to eliminate poverty and ensure that everyone has the opportunity to prosper, focused on Asia. Link

Social Investors Club is a social enterprise that aims to mobilize under-utilized financial resources to provide early-stage capital and incubation support. Link


Mrs Ada Yip is an angel investor that helps entrepreneurs to dissect complex challenges of their businesses. She connects people and resources leveraging her diverse experience in finance, operations, project and talent management. Link

Impact Investor

MakerBay is currently looking for further investment. Are you interested to invest in innovation and education for social and environmental impact? Please get in touch.







Grant / Donation

MakerBay accepts donations but cannot provide tax exemption (yet) as a social enterprise (limited company). If you are interested in making a donation, please contact us and we will give you our bank details.







“A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality” — John Lennon