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Internet of Things (IoT) for Waste Reduction

A Green Tech Competition Calling for Applications! 

The Hope Makers is a program designed to engage Hong Kong youths to create an Internet of Things (IoT) solution to a social/ environmental issue facing a community. Rather than waiting for the circumstances to change, the hope makers program empowers changes and inspires hope.

The target issue of this year is waste. Participants will form groups with members of various disciplines to design and develop a solution to reduce waste in a Hong Kong community.

Program Objectives

  • Develop Internet of Things (IoT) waste reduction solutions for a community
  • Promote learning across various disciplines
  • Cultivate a multidisciplinary, creative, and proactive culture in problem solving

Program Timeline

February 2017 Application Opens
March 15, 2017 Application Closes
March 25 – 26, 2017 Orientation Bootcamp*
April – May, 2017 Prototype Development & Community Visits
Early May, 2017 Prototype Development Interview*
May 27, 2017 Presentation Day*
June 25 – 29, 2017 Japan Study Trip*#
July 2017 Achievement Showcase*#
Dates are subject to change.
*Mandatory dates
#Only the top 3 teams will participate in the Japan study trip and the achievement showcase

Who should join the program?

The program is open to all full-time tertiary education students in Hong Kong, You do NOT need to be an IoT expert to participate in this program. You should join us if you are:

  • Passionate about solving waste issues in Hong Kong
  • Interested in learning about IoT and other skills, as well as applying them to make a difference
  • Looking for networking opportunities or mentorship with industry leaders and experts

What are the resources available for participants?

  • Bootcamp: a 2-day orientation bootcamp where you will be introduced to trends in environmental technologies and design thinking.
  • Maker training: you will be provided with training on basic maker skills, e.g. woodworking, laser cutting, 3D printing, basic electronics, prototyping
  • Mentorship and networking opportunities: you will have access to mentors and advisors made up of industry experts, including international environmental consultancy firms and engineering firms
  • 4-day Japan study trip: if chosen, you will visit Japan to gain a better understanding the latest technology and maker culture overseas (top 3 teams only)

Any funding opportunities to commercialize the product?

At the achievement showcase, finalists will pitch their ideas to companies or organizations that may fund or adapt the ideas. The best team may receive funding or support to further their development.

Ready to apply? Click HERE for more information, or

More questions? Please contact Program Manager, Aki Leung, at




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