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Boat Building | #Ocean #Craft #Composite Materials


The ocean is in danger. Coral reef bleaching, plastic pollution, oil spills, radioactive leaks, sea level rising... The ocean is where all life comes from, but it is dying. For most people, the ocean appears like a big body of water that remains a mysterious and potentially dangerous place...

But we need to understand and love the ocean to protect it. Building a little boat, is a great start to get closer to the ocean, become familiar, appreciate the beauty and power of the sea.

The making of these boats is well documented on

Building this stitch and glue boat project is also a great way to learn about 

  • History of boats. How boats are the oldest transportation system, invented way before the invention of the wheel thousands of years ago.
  • Science: Archimedes buoyancy formula, hydrodynamics, fluid mechanics.
  • Technology: boat design, stitch and glue, composite materials, resin and fibreglass works
  • Working in Team: leadership, being creative, being collaborative
  • Hands-on work: drawing, technical drawing at scale, 3D design, tracing, cutting, stitching, glueing, composite materials
  • The scientific method, the engineering mindset: which design works best? Why? How do we make it better? Experiment, feel, measure, compare, learn. 
  • Environment: the importance of water transportation in contemporary society. 90% of the world trade travels by water - and Hong Kong is a major port. All life as we know comes from the ocean. And the ocean is our future. 


  • 4 real boats built in 
  • 2 weeks
  • 2 classes (20 students per classes), age 10 to 14 years old
  • 4 instructors involved
  • 5 pieces of wood for each boat (15mm and 3mm plywood)
  • using of professional protection gear, power tools, materials to make real boats. 

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