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Comfortable Chair | #Youth #Design



今次deTour Nxt創意工作坊夥伴工匠灣基金會(Makerbay Foundation) 同成班同學仔 一齊落手落腳做櫈仔!

從畫圖到製造櫈仔模型,同學仔都要學懂使用錘子同鉗子等工具,並在過程中要與組員不斷嘗試及修改,體現「Trial and Error」精神!

In the creative workshop led by MakerBay Foundation, students take from their own experience to share their idea of a comfortable chair. In teams, students worked together to create miniature models of their ideal chairs. The process involves teamwork, persistence and a lot of trials and errors, a fitting exemplification of this year’s theme.


deTour Nxt一系列創意工作坊及分享對談已經開始免費報名啦!
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【deTour Nxt】 
Future Creative Generations
日期 Date|30 Nov - 9 Dec 
時間 Time|11am – 8pm 
地點 Venue|PMQ 元創方


  • Jackie Wong Chin Sun
  • Ken Chow
  • Piko Poon
  • Kitty Lee


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