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Creative Upcycling – Pallet Wood Desk Lamp

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A lamp could be much more than just a passive item collecting dust on your desk, it could have legs, eyes, body, character and personality. A lamp can look like a toy, an insect or animal. We can bring it to life through our imagination, give it a personality and show it on video.

This Woodworking class will tech you how to design and make your own desk lamp.
You will learn various woodworking tools and techniques to obtain a good finish and a beautiful product. You'll have time to design your own version - no two lamps are the same.
You will also need to wire the electrical connections. All work is supervised and guided.

This class is aimed at people who are relatively new to woodworking.
It's class is suitable for adults and youngsters (12+) alike.
We will take about 4 hours to complete and you'll bring your finished lamp home.
As a bonus, there will be a short demonstration on stop-motion videography.

Event outline:

Safety briefing.
Explanation of various cutting, gluing and nailing techniques.
Design time.
Tool demonstration and practice.
Prototyping time.
Building time.
Surface finishing.
Stop motion demonstration.

* Beginner class (ages 12+) no experience needed.
* Use your creative skills to customize your own lamp.
* Approximately 4 hours to complete.
* Practice basic drilling, gluing and nailing.
* Get confident with the following tools: Drills , rasps, chisels, saws, sandiers, hammers and nails, glues and bolts.
* Learn very basic wiring of 220V appliances – wire a switch, a light and a plug.
* Bonus: create a short stop-motion video.

Class Details:
Location: MakerBay Central (PMQ unit H-508)
Date: 10 September 2017 / 17 September 2017
age: 12+
Fee: HKD 780 per person
Time : 2pm -6pm
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Wear a short sleeve shirt.
Avoid loose clothing and jewelry.
Tie up long hair as it may get caught in the drill, and wear closed toe, non slip shoes (not sandals)

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