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Creative Woodwork Maker Week | #Woodwork #Game #Education


Making is fun! We are delighted to hosted group of 20 students aged 14-17 from Christian Alliance International School to spent 5 days with us learning and making in our workshop. Every student first learnt the basic woodworking skills through building a jack in the box. The next day, students worked in groups to design and build their own board game or arcade under the theme of "Games". To celebrate their hard work, their games were brought to PMQ to invite the public to play and share the fun.


Why building games with youths?

To empower youths with making know-how and nurture creative confidence within themselves. We believe that being confident to create and build stuffs is the foundation of being a future innovators/inventors.

We shared an inspiring story of a 9 year-old boy, Caine, from LA who build his own arcade playground out of cardboard in his dad's second hand auto parts shop. At the beginning, there was no customer visiting Caine's arcade playground. One day, the creativity and determination inspired one of his dad's customer (turns out he is also a movie maker) to make a film about Caine's story and help him share the fun of play to a wider audience pool! 

We make for fun, and sharing what we made and lesson learnt is bringing fun to the next level.


Program Outline



What did the students learn?

  • Creative confidence
  • Design Iteration Cycle (design > build > test > improve)
  • Team work and communication skills
  • Basic woodworking skills
  • Documenting work and share online



Students' Works








 coming soon 




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