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Future Sea Craft

Hong Kong Harbour: Future Sea Craft is a design investigation addressing the rejuvenation of Hong Kong’s seaside waste material by mixing local craft with material innovation and engaging the public through collaborative design workshops. As a multidisciplinary design studio, their practice involves utilizing local materials that can be repurposed and accessed to the public. A design investigation of the lost waste material found on the shores of Hong Kong’s harbours, the project explores the utilization of found sea waste materials.

Hong Kong’s harbours have always been a vital part in Hong Kong’s history, whether in a cultural, economic or environmental context. However, in recent years it is harbours that have suffered from increasing pollution, affecting local ecosystem and marine life. With an aim to encourage public engagement towards cleaning Hong Kong’s polluted seawater whilst collaborating with local artisans, resulting in objects beautifully crafted and repurposed. The objects are intended not just for modern home furnishing, but also reintroduce local and unused waste material back into goods for smart consumption and encourage active engagement towards issues of pollution and waste disposal. Ultimately, the goal is to create open source sustainable craft processes for Hong Kong locals to repurpose local sea waste into a new upcycling programme.


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