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Grove Physics Kit


This kit is designed for physics experiments at the middle school and high school levels. These sensors aren't just black boxes - they're easy to inspect, modify, and repair.

This kit includes the following items:

  • force sensor

  • pulley rotation sensor

  • laser gate

  • sonar

  • accelerometer

  • compass

This documentation assumes that you've already installed the WireGarden browser plugin. If you have not, please visit the Using Sensors page.

Getting Started

The force sensor, pulley rotation sensor, and laser gate require some easy assembly. You can find assembly instructions in the Other Resources section for those sensors.

Below you'll find a section for each of the sensors in the kit with ManyLabs lessons and project ideas. For each sensor, you can use the Sensor Plotterto see the real-time data from the sensor. The Using the Sensor Plotter documentation has more information.

Each sensor also has a sample sketch that shows the operation of the sensor using the WireGarden library. You can use the Arduino Programmer to to upload the sketch to an Arduino if you have the WireGarden browser plugin, or you can download the sketch for use with the Arduino IDE.


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