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Monthly pass, for student and senior


MakeBay welcomes students and seniors with wide open arms! Your school / University workshop might close early and not be available on weekends... Well, MakerBay's great for that!

For seniors (over 60) you probably remember the good old days when everybody used to make things. Everybody was a maker back then! People did not call the handyman, they fixed things and build things themselves. If you are looking for a space, tools and a community of people who love to create things, you've come to the right place. Tell your friends!

Includes : 

    • Access to workspace and workshop during opening hour
    • 200MB optical fiber wifi internet
    • Technical assistance
    • Meeting room, photography booth
    • Rental of mobile storage for tools and materials
    • Cafe, Kitchen, showers, shop to buy and sell
    • Use of exhibition event space with 100+ capacity at discounted rate

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