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[MakerBay Yau Tong] CNC Milling Induction Class - Adults

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Computer numerical controlled (CNC) milling is a precise machining process similar to both drilling and cutting. CNC milling machine can be very versatile and are often used to machine flat surface as well as irregular surface

In this workshop, participants will:

  • Gain a better understanding of the theory and background on different types of CNC milling machines
  • Learn G-code, the language of CNC machines, and CNC controls (Mach3 & Sieg)
  • Learn the setup and operations of the CNC milling machine
  • Practice and run basic G-code programs on the CNC milling machine
  • 2.5D cnc programming using Fusion360 or HsmWorks,HsmXpress  (in solidworks)
Able to draw their part in fusion360 or solidworks
Need to bring their own computer with software installed.
Fusion360, HsmWorks, and HsmXpress are available on Autodesk website
At the end of the class, if you pass the assessment of the instructor, you will be allowed to use the above CNC machines at our workshop. 

    Class Details:

    Location: MakerBay Yau Tong(Directions)
    Language: Cantonese/ English

    Date: 23 Sep, 21 Oct, 25 Nov, 16 Dec
    Duration: 10am - 5pm (Lunch at 12 noon)
    Age range: 16 years old or above
    Price: HKD 2,000
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    • Wear long pants, close-fitted shirt (avoid loose clothing as they might get caught by the machines)
    • Wear closed-toe non-slip shoes (no sandals)
    • Tie up long hair and avoid loose accessories
    • We recommend you to bring extra clothes to change into as it might get dusty


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