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[MakerBay Yau Tong] 3D Printing Workshop - Families

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Looking for a very cool activity to do with your family? Try making your own 3D object for 3D printing!

MakerBay is very pleased to offer a 3D Printing Workshop with 3D Roundhouse on May 13 (Saturday)!

We share a simple belief: Families will enjoy making things together, using 3D printing technology. Bring your family to our workshops and we will teach you how you and your children can make amazing things together using 3D software for 3D Printing.

About the workshop:

  • Parents and their kids work together to learn 3-D modeling software to produce a physical object, such as a small toy, which can also be 3D printed
  • After you sign up, we will let you know which free 3D software we will teach you so you can make some small preparations in advance
  • You can spend the rest of the afternoon at MakerBay exploring 3D printing!
  • The workshop provide a taste of what will happen when the family returns home to learn how to create MANY other objects on the 3D Roundhouse website. 3D Roundhouse have three hours of training spread out over 48 videos!


Date: May 13 2017 (Saturday)

Time: 10am – 1pm (including 20 minute break)

Location: MakerBay, Yau Tong

Fee: HKD650 (including material cost)

Language: English supplemented with Cantonese

Max # of participants: 6 families (1 parent and 1 child per family), any extra family members are HKD100 each 

* Parents should bring their own laptops for this workshop

 For enquiries, please email: 


About the instructor

After 25 years in finance from NYC to Hong Kong to Beijing, David Seto co-founded 3D Roundhouse, the world’s first website for 3D Modeling and 3D Printing that has been created by parents and kids, for parents and kids! When he first began to explore the world of 3D printing in 2013/2014, David ran a series of discovery and networking conferences called 3D Printing Roundtables in HK and Beijing, which brought together designers, engineers, entrepreneurs and Chinese government officials from the Department of Education. Today, through a series of live workshops and on-line courses, David hopes 3D Roundhouse will be a leading, global player in the field of education for 3D printing. 

David has an MBA in Finance from New York University’s Stern School of Business and a BA degree in Economics from the University of Chicago.

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