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Micro Electric Piano | #Instrument #Electronics

The goal is to building and designing an functioning electric piano with the microcontroller Arduino. Some notes from the student who made this project at our workshop with our mentoring:

Ever since I started learning piano about 8 years ago... my friend started to make music using his computer, I started started to become a little bit more interested in making some music of my own. However when I come up with some chords or melodies, I am unable to play and record it properly on Logic Pro (in the software instrument where I can then edit it afterwards); as such, I end up trying to play it on my piano. Except, if I could have a portable electric piano, I would be able to jot my ideas down on the go, and be able to record it easily ...

This task is highly challenging as it requires the creator to be pretty well versed in electronics, be creative, know coding ... Some more specifics are having the ability to design a functioning piano, create an electrical circuit, and create the product using “final product” type materials.

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