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Mini Windmill Workshop | #Renewable #Energy #Education


Our mother earth is so sick now as human being keep burning fossil fuels that causing great pollution. However, we are paying the cost of harming the environment for our future generations.

By partnering with Bradbury International School, we explore the possibilities of renewable wind power energy together with groups of 4th grader in MakerBay.


Why building wind mills with kids?

To empower the kids with making skills and nurture creative confidence within themselves. We believe that being confident to create and build stuffs is the foundation of being a future innovators/inventors.

We shared an inspiring story of a teenage boy, William Kamkwamba, from Africa who taught himself building wind turbines for his village to solve problems. William's story also encouraged the kids that "Building a wind turbine is actually easy." 

Program Outline


What did the students learn?

  • Creative confidence
  • Design Iteration Cycle (design > build > test > improve)
  • Handling basic hand tools 
  • Collaboration and communication skills
  • Basic circuitry



You can find the detailed documentation on our Instructables project page:

instructbales project page




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