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Ocean Drifters & Robots Introduction

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Build devices to study and protect the ocean! From drifters to wind-powered sailing robots, dive into what covers more than 70% of our blue planet. Workshop led by Cesar Jung-Harada.

Class Details:

Date: 27 August 2017 / 3 September 2017 / 10 September 2017

Time: 4pm - 8pm 

Location: MakerBay Yau Tong 

Language: English

Age range: 8+

Price: HKD 1280 per session per person

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  • MakerBay reserves the right to reschedule or cancel an enrollment at any time due to the class size of less than a minimum of 3 students per class.
  • MakerBay reserves the right to change the class instructor for courses or individual private lessons as deemed appropriate or necessary. MakerBay is not required to provide prior notice for such arrangements.
  • Requests to switch courses or skip course levels will be subject to MakerBay’s assessment and course availability.

Class Cancellations:

  • For classes cancelled due to unexpected public health warnings, i.e. swine flu, MakerBay will try to accommodate the majority with makeup classes but with no guarantee.
  • Classes will not be cancelled during AMBER or RED rainstorm signal.
  • For classes cancelled due to severe weather conditions, such as Typhoon 8 or above, or BLACK rainstorm signal, MakerBay will try to make accommodate the majority with no guarantee.
  • Classes will not be cancelled if weather signals for Typhoon 8 or Black Rain are lowered four hours before the scheduled start time of the class

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