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"Young Impact Maker Day" for teachers


The context

Young children are kinesthetic learners. They play, build, break things, re-arrange, role-play and tell stories. MakerBay is trying to address Hong Kong systemic social and environmental issues with maker education and entrepreneurship. MakerBay made a first attempt to map Hong Kong Social and Environmental issues to articulate and strategize which project it should undertake. Also visible on this page ""What are some of the challenges facing Hong Kong? What is MakerBay doing about Hong Kong’s challenges?"":

In one sentence the brief would be

"Build and test an interface for young children to engage with the complexity of social and environmental issues in the classroom. How do we get our children to learn, care and grow to become pro-active citizens?"

The making

The outcome could very well be the development of a board game, why not a map, a playing set of props, a "war room", an amusement park, an arcade... Anything that young children can use to have these "typically adult discussions" at a young age. This would draw a lot of knowledge from disciplines such as information design, game design, User Interface, User Experience, furniture design, art installation, public and participatory art, Interactive art, game design and more.


We have run many workshops in the past on extremely varied topics. From developing renewable energy devices to alternative transportation, to building giant art installations, to meditative mindful making, to 3D printing drone parts ...

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