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Young Maker Series #3: ChangeMaker 【小創客系列#3:創革者】

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The Young Maker Series #3: Changemaker is for more experienced young makers who want to use what they learnt for social and environmental impact. Children will work in groups to go through the process of design thinking to build a project that address social or environmental issues. Children will also bring their prototypes to the field for testing and collect user feedbacks. In this course, children take the initiative, while we will provide a framework, mentorship and technical support to the children to make their ideas into reality and make impact.

「小創客系列#3:創革者」是一個專為有經驗的年輕創客而設。 孩子們將通過團隊合作,通過設計思維的過程來建構一個解決社會或環境問題的創客項目。 孩子們會將他們的原型送到現場進行測試並收集用戶反饋,再不斷反覆完善設計。 在這個過程中,由孩子們作主導,我們會給孩子提供一個框架,指導和技術支援,使他們的想法變成現實並為我們的社會及環境產生正面的影響。


Learning Goals:

  • A mix of traditional and up-and-coming making skills (such as woodworking, 3D printing, robotics, and laser cutting)
  • Creative thinking and project-based learning
  • Increase awareness on environmental issues and sustainability
  • Designing and all-around skill application
  • Problem solving skills
  • Foster collaborative learning and share of knowledge


Class Details:

Age: 9 - 16
Time: 16:00-18:00, Every Friday
Duration: 12 week +  1 Maker Project Sharing Day
Where: MakerBay Yau Tong /Tsuen Wan
Fee: HKD 3,500 x 3 installments = HKD 10,500

Fee includes all material costs. To make sure each child receive individualized attention, we maintain a low student-to-instructor ratio. Please sign up early to secure your seat. 

If you successfully completed the Young Maker Series #2: Creative Maker, you are ready to enroll. 


Class Schedule:

Week 1  Design thinking workshop + Discovery


Week 1

Design thinking workshop

children decide theme to work on (E.g. Sustainability, community design , environmental issues)

Week 2

Discovery - Preparation for field study

Week 3

Discovery - Field study

Week 4

Define problem

Week 5


Week 6


Week 7


Week 8

Field testing

Week 9


Week 10


Week 11


Week 12


Week 13

Maker Project Sharing Day

* This is a suggested timeline, it may varies in each project.



  • Wear long pants, close-fitted shirt (avoid loose clothing as they might get caught by the machines)
  • Wear closed-toe non-slip shoes (no sandals)
  • Tie up long hair and avoid loose accessories
  • We recommend you to bring extra clothes to change into as it might get dusty
  • Please bring your own laptop


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